FFPW Presents Episode 3!

Live Event Results from Hangar, Dublin City Centre


Fight Factory Pro Wrestling
December 13 at 11:04am · via Facebook

In quick results from last Fridays Grappling & Cans // White Collar Wrestling live event from Hangar, Dublin City Centre:

B Cool def Ian “Hellboy” Holland in a Joes vs Pros match.
The combined efforts of The Compound Fight Team weren’t enough to stop B-Cool from finishing this contest with a trademark Brainbussssstttaaaaahhhhhh.

Justy vs J-Money never got a chance to start as Devon West & Alexander Dean would attack J-Money prior to the opening bell following a trademark Justy tirade on the charismatic debutant. The Super Nintenbros would make the save setting up a 6 man tag team match for later in the evening.

“The Supreme Suplex Machine” Scotty Davis def LJ Cleary.
Following the finish of the hard fought match Davis would offer his hand to Cleary in respect, but received a low blow for his efforts, obviously the longest reigning IJHC in history did not react kindly to defeat on this occasion.

Phil “The Thrill” Boyd def Martin Steers in a Joes vs Pros match.
In an epic encounter the wily veteran Boyd was taken to his limit by the rookie Steers who became a different animal when he got a bit ot sugar in him, fuelled by his trademark Rock Shandy the young man from Ballymun had Boyd on the ropes before having his hopes and dreams crushed by “The Thrills” devastating small package.

Michael May overcame Conor Andrews, Clayton Long, Dmitri Krakovic, Nathan Martin, and the returning Darren Kearney in a chaotic and wild 6 man scramble match. Such an impressive victory surely leaves the well travelled May in contention for a shot at the IJHC in the near future…

Devon West / Collar & Elbow (Justy & Alexander Dean) bested J-Money /The Super Nintenbros following interference from The Cartel in the form of a live video message beamed directly on to the Hangar-tron. Revealing they had stolen the SNB’s DS console The Cartel lured Player 1 & Player 2 outside which left J-Money alone in the ring to fall victim to a barrage of offence culminating in a “West End” by the debuting “Anti-Gimmick.”

Lady Valkyrie would score a major victory over Debbie Keitel, Raven Creed, and the returning Katey Harvey in a 4 way match which many are calling match of the night. Valkyrie would seal the deal with a pinfall on Katey Harvey following a moonsault.

J-Money won the very first Raffle Royale, last eliminating Justy who had begun celebrating a little early following his elimination of Debbie Keitel. Other participants included; Calum Black, Aiden Epix, Ciaran Reilly, Captain SexSea, Cowboy Jim West, Phil The Thrill, and Dom Tuck.

Jordan Devlin defeated Sammy D (w/Gunther Isaak) to retain the IHJHC following a package piledriver in a wild brawl which spilled all over Hangar before finally culminating in the ring with a dramatic series of near falls which almost seen Sammy D become a two time champion.

Fight Factory would like to thank all of the over 200 fans who packed into Hangar to witness one of our best shows to date.